Myths and Misconceptions of Outsourcing: Are They Real or False?

2021-11-26 11:28:05

As many businesses are now operating online, some still bat their eyes at hiring outsourced help for online businesses. However, while people have their own opinions, facts that debunk myths and misconceptions about outsourcing are out there.

Myth #1: Outsourcing is only for big companies

False. Any business, big or small, can outsource assistants and other employees. However, since the pandemic shut down most physical businesses, most of them have no choice but to fully operate online to continue their work. Because of this, more and more establishments are constantly seeking help from the internet to hire virtual assistants and customer service representatives.

Outsourcing is also the perfect solution for small and medium enterprises with a limited budget to search, screen, and hire new workforce members. The process is much cheaper, and the talent pool is much wider.

Myth #2: You cannot control your business

False. People tend to doubt having outsourced team members as they think it can cause non-productivity in the team caused by language barriers, time zones, etc. On the contrary, you can fully control how your business goes about, and third-party providers of outsourced work have no other job but to provide you with your needed team members.

Also, the tasks you set are entirely dependent on you, and your team members only have to follow what you give them. Thus, you are in control the entire time, and all you have to do is set goals that your team members have to do for a certain time frame.

Myth #3: Outsourcing is inefficient

False. Having outsourced help is efficient in that your business is running 24/7. In addition, you can have tasks done while you sleep when you outsource team members from different time zones.

Some platforms can contribute to task tracking so you can keep tabs on what your team has accomplished at a certain time. Video conferencing and team analysis can also be done to ensure 100% productivity from your team.

Myth #4: Outsourcing is an expense

False. Rather than being an expense, think of it as an investment that can benefit you in the long run. For example, hiring outsourced team members can help you cut down administrative costs intended for seeking, screening, hiring, and even training.

Having an in-house department will save you a lot of money rather than hiring a business processor to outsource services. Less payroll, less office space, and less money spent on extra equipment and office materials.

Myth #5: You can’t expect quality work when you outsource

False. When you outsource your team, you are faced with an endless pool of talented and skilled individuals that can help your business to good. Because of this, work becomes more productive and more efficient. You are guaranteed high-quality work when you can hire skilled professionals who can assist you in your goals for your business.

When it comes to outsourcing team members, facts don’t lie. You are assured of efficient and productive work when you hire offshore people for your team. The success of your business is a team effort anyway, so as long as you can communicate your goals well, then the members of your team are sure to follow you.

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