Creating A Brand Identity Before Starting Up A New Business

2020-09-26 02:57:04

The number of startups and businesses are increasing year after year. To make a place for your brand in the market, you need to do something that other businesses are not doing.

What is it that you should do to stand out against your competitors?

There are marketing strategies to succeed; however, startups can build a success story within a year by creating a strong brand identity for itself.

Building Brand Identity

A strong brand identity triggers the right thoughts, emotions, and ideas in consumers. They view your services and products positively and appealingly. This increases customer loyalty. Once the brand trust and loyalty is built, consumers are ready to take a risk and try out your new products, thus increasing sales.

However, before you start investing in marketing, you must first ensure if your brand is viable and available. There is no point in building a brand image if it infringes the registered trademarks of another business or may cause harm to the reputation of the brand.

Hence, before building a brand image, get advice on the viability of their marks, logos, and product identity to avoid legal issues later.

Grow your Startup Online

The internet is a powerful medium for your business to gain brand exposure and visibility. Research shows that 94% of the consumers conduct some kind of online research before purchasing, and 52% of that research is on product review sites. Hence, your brand must have a solid online presence.

Create an informative and easy-to-navigate website. Focus on SEO. Do not cut any corners, as consumers make a judgment of a brand based on its online appearance.

Widen your visibility and awareness by building your network through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Blogs and client newsletters also build the authority and credibility of the brand.

The basic idea is to get as much positive exposure as possible.

Live up to your Brand

Live up to your word and expectations of the consumers. Users are 50% more likely to give negative feedback if something is wrong with the product or service.

It is very vital to keep up your brand reputation by providing good products and services.

Creating a brand identity requires time and effort. You need to give your 100% and have undivided attention. Considering you're just starting as a business venture, there may be other non-core business functions that may distract you.

To focus entirely on the core business functions, hiring a personal concierge may be of benefit to you. Check out our concierge services now.

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