Things We Do

Things We Do

The main question comes down to what services can we offer you? There are many areas that we cover so that you can sit back and leave the rest up to us. The following list talks about 38 things that we offer to our clients. The remaining one stands for the number one performance that we provide to you so that you get a 100% result.

Personal Assistance Service

  1. Schedule and book appointments on your behalf- from doctors to hairdressers
  2. Receive mail and documents on your behalf and redirect them when necessary
  3. Manage your schedule
  4. Take your pet to the vets
  5. Arrange for a reliable dog walker to take your pet for a walk while you’re away
  6. Shop for your home groceries
  7. Collect medical prescriptions on your behalf when you are recovering from an operation/surgery or whenever your family needs it
  8. Find the right mechanic for you
  9. Get your car serviced
  10. Arrange and take the car for new tyres
  11. Collect deliveries at home in your absence
  12. Clear out storage units and create an inventory
  13. Handle post office errands, dropping or collecting items
  14. Collect dry cleaning
  15. Arrange for emergency delivery of an item
  16. Assist elderly relatives, tending to their needs as well as carry out light household tasks and provide them with the right company
  17. Take elderly clients to their appointments
  18. Be available to meet repairman or delivery
  19. Help FiFo workers with all home needs while away

Small Business Support

  • 20. Arrange finance, business loans & mortgages
  • 21. Assist with all business insurance
  • 22. Work from home O.H & S Safety Inspections
  • 23. Plan, arrange for and organise team-building events
  • 24. Organise conferences
  • 25. Manage Christmas card list for your clients
  • 26. Arrange your calendar and dairy
  • 27. Bookkeeping services
  • 28. Create and handle filing systems for personal or business paperwork
  • 29. Look for and recommend venues for team building events, exercises/conferences
  • 30. Shop for and organise corporate gifts
  • 31. Data entry services
  • 32. Outbound & inbound telephony services
  • 33. Executive assistant service
  • 34. Find your business the right IT service
  • 35. Website design and development
  • 36. Digital marketing including SEO
  • 37. Assist with any outsource requirements
  • 38. Assist with finding legal & HR services

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