99 Things We Do

99 Things We Do

The main question comes down to what services can we offer you? There are many areas that we cover so that you can sit back and leave the rest up to us. The following list talks about 99 things that we offer to our clients. The remaining one stands for the number one performance that we provide to you so that you get a 100% result.

Personal Assistance Service: Your concierge

1. Schedule and book appointments on your behalf- from doctors to hairdressers
2. Receive mail and documents on your behalf and redirect them when necessary
3. Book restaurants and fine dining as per your preferences
4. Manage your schedule
5. Help shop for what you need while providing you with a complete comparison of products, prices, and availability
6. Take your pet to the vets
7. Arrange for a reliable dog walker to take your pet for a walk while you’re away
8. Shop for your home groceries
9. Collect medical prescriptions on your behalf when you are recovering from an operation/surgery or whenever your family needs it
10. Arrange professionals for your beauty treatments
11. Take care of all bill payments on your behalf
12. Find the right mechanic for you
13. Get your car serviced
14. Arrange and take the car for new tyres
15. Find items for gift purpose specific to the occasion and person
16. Arrange for personal stylists
17. Collect deliveries at home in your absence
18. Clear out storage units and create an inventory
19. Manage flower arrangement along with their orders and deliveries
20. Handle post office errands, dropping or collecting items
21. Collect dry cleaning
22. Arrange for emergency delivery of an item
23. Arrange for gift wrapping and delivery
24. Assist elderly relatives, tending to their needs as well as carry out light household tasks and provide them with the right company
25. Take elderly clients to their appointments
26. Arrange personal trainer & gym membership
27. Help you get updated about essential dates and occasions by setting up a reminder service
28. Organise for Christmas celebration, arranging and decorating the tree and other decorating requirements

Home Maintenance
29. Coordinate with your housekeeper for proper and timely work management
30. Be available to meet repairman or delivery
31. Declutter and re-organise your wardrobe
32. Manage pantry with efficient re-organisation and decluttering
33. Redesign storage and closets working with carpenters
34. Organise and handle unwanted items sale
35. Assist in utilising spaces within your home
36. Deliver and distribute unwanted items to charity shops or places where it is required
37. Gardening services
38. Handyman services

39. General property maintenance

Property Services & maintenance
40. Feed your pets at home when you are away
41. Arrange for professional cleaners on your home or rental property
42. Check mail and oversee other property requirements while you are away
43. Tenant screening
44. Prepare your standby property when you arrive
45. Arrange items for stocking the fridge at your preferred property for your arrival
46. Arrange to get the fridge stocked for your return from holidays
47. Handle Airbnb properties by carrying out Key Exchange services
48. Assist your Airbnb guests by rendering concierge services to them
49. Assist with all home renovations
50. Help FiFo workers with all home needs while away
51. Help with landscaping
52. Arrange furniture and staging for property sale
53. Advise on utility connections
54. Arrange property settlement service

Event Planning
55. Arrange and plan all events including corporate conferences
56. Handle and organise birthday/anniversary events and surprises for your loved ones
57. Send out invitations and handle RSVP list
58. Prepare gift bags for your guests
59. Organise Christmas social event at your company premise
60. Arrange for event caterers
61. Handle transportation of your guests to events

Small Business Support
62. Arrange finance, business loans & mortgages

63. Assist with all business insurance
64. Plan, arrange for and organise team-building events
65. Organise conferences
66. Manage Christmas card list for your clients
67. Arrange your calendar and dairy
68. Bookkeeping services
69. Create and handle filing systems for personal or business paperwork
70. Look for and recommend venues for team building events, exercises/conferences
71. Arrange for client/staff Christmas gifts
72. Organise business trip itineraries including flights, hotels, and hire cars and cater to other such requirements
73. Shop for and organise corporate gifts
74. Data entry services
75. Outbound & inbound telephony services
76. Executive assistant service
77. Find your business the right IT service
78. Website design and development
79. Digital marketing including SEO
80. Assist with any outsource requirements
81. Assist with finding legal & HR services

Moving Home and Relocations

82. Assist in moving your home
83. Provide support to families emigrating from overseas
84. Coordinate and liaise with removalists on the day of the move and assist homeowners
85. Research schools in the location and the area you are moving to
86. Assist with overseas shipping and provide support for customs clearance and delivery
87. Arrange for properties to be viewed in a new area
88. Provide support for the packing of personal and other items
89. Declutter and prepare home for resale and hire stylists for resale
90. Arrange for removalist professionals
91. Prepare new home at the destination for homeowner’s arrival
92. Arrange for the transit of your pets from one country to another while relocating

Travel Organisation

93. Research and suggest holiday destinations for couples, families, and groups
94. Prepare holiday itineraries
95. Arrange for airport transfers
96. Research and arrange for a relaxing retreat
97. Book hotels, flights and excursions
98. Organise honeymoons and babymoons
99. Organise car hire service at travel destinations

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